French Classical

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Instructor: John Grew
Location: Redpath Hall
Time: 11:30-13:30

NB:  Week 1 & 2 are full for active participants, registration for auditors is still open

See Week 2

Week 1: Introduction to French classical organ music

This week will focus on the music of Clérambault and François Couperin; and is intended for those who have never had the pleasure of playing a French classical organ.  Topics will include ornamentation and the related articulations which will also involve fingering and touch studies.  The implications for the ornamented chorales of Bach will also be considered.  Although different signs may be used for the same ornament at this point in time it need not be confusing if one understands the guiding principles.  Guidelines for “les notes inégale" will be presented, and this is less arbitrary than it might seem.  Registration practices will be explored with an eye to adapting to the average situation, and this is much easier to realize once one understands the ideal.  This introduction will serve to underline the seminal importance of this repertoire.  All active participants should prepare the Fuge from Clérambault’s “Suite du premier Ton” and the Récit du Nazard from his “Suite du deuxième Ton”, as well as a Duo from either suite.  There will be ample handouts provided to guide further explorations of the topics discussed.

Repertoire List:

François Couperin
Pieces d’Orgue (L’Oiseau Lyre, ed. Gilbert & Moroney)

Louis-Nicolas Clérambault
Premier Liver d’Orgue (Kalmus or Wayne Leupold)

J.S. Bach
BWV 622 & BWV 641 (Peters or NBA)

Week 2: The magnificence of the French classical organ

The focus of this course will be stylistic consideration in all its multifarious aspects.  Students from the first week may well want to audit this week to have a total immersion in this great repertoire.  This course will allow the active participants to explore this music on an ideal instrument.

Repertoire List:

Nicolas de Grigny
Livre d’Orgue (Heugel or Kalmus)

Jaques Boyvin
Premier Livre d’Orgue (Kalmus or Editions ouvrières)

Nicolas Lebègue
Trios à trios claviers (Premier Livre)

J.-H. d’Anglebert
Cinq Fugues (Heugel, ed. Gilbert)

NB: Other repertoire may be submitted by active participants, with permission prior to the beginning of the Academy.