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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1.  When is the deadline to submit the Registration Form?
A.  Early Regsitration: April 30, 2013
     Active Participants: June 15, 2013 & Auditors: July 12, 2013

2.  What are registration fees?
A.  Registration fees entitle you to access to extra events during the Academy such as concerts, lectures, receptions and field trips. In order to secure a place in the preferred course(s), we encourage you to register early. This year, registration fees have been reduced to $60 per week (instead of $85) for Participants who register prior to April 30, 2013.

3.  When are the registration sessions?
A.  Registration: Monday, July 8, 2013: 9:00-16:00

4.  What constitutes an Active Participant/Auditor?
A.  An Active Participant is one who performs music in a masterclass setting.  This means that the Active Participant will prepare music, receive one-on-one instruction from the professor, and will be granted practise time.
     An Auditor is one who sits in on the masterclass.  This means that an Auditor may participate in the lively discussions and have the benefit of following the instruction of the Active Participants. Auditors do not perform within the masterclasses, nor are they given practise times.

5.  How much music needs to be prepared by Active Participants?
A.  It is expected that Active Participants will have prepared at least 30 minutes of repertoire per course.  It is highly recommended that both Auditors and Active Participants bring along all music listed in the course descriptions for each course in which they are registered.  This will allow everyone to gain the most from their MSOA education.

6.  What do I do if I am registered in the Academy but cannot attend the July 8 registration session?
A.  If you are unable to attend the registration session, you must come to our office in the Schulich School of Music Building to pick up your registration package before attending your first class.  The package contains a nametag that admits you to your courses, additional information concerning the Academy, and concert tickets.  Please note that this year there will be a lecture by Élisabeth Gallat-Morin on July 8th in the evening.

7.  In what language are the courses conducted?
A.  The courses will be conducted in English.  However, instructors will be able to answer your questions en français.

8.  What is the maximum number of courses in which one can enroll?
A.  It is recommended that Active Participants enroll in a maximum of two courses per week in order to accommodate a balanced practise schedule.  Auditors may enroll in three courses per week.  With permission from the MSOA administrative staff, they may also float between courses with the same time slot.

9.  Is it possible to enroll as an Active Participant and as an Auditor?
A.  Yes, however, in order to allow for enough practise time, it is advised to enroll in no more than one course as an Active Participant and one course as an Auditor in any given week.

10.  I would like to be an Active Participant. How much time will the instructor work with me?
A.  There are four teaching days per week, and the classes are two hours in length equaling a total of eight hours.  Active Participants in repertoire courses are limited to six per class, and they will be invited to perform prepared repertoire.  The Continuo* and Improvisation* courses are strictly limited to eight Active Participants (per class) for the entire two-week sessions.  Courses function as in a master class format where depending on the repertoire each Active Participant will have a certain number of “contact hours” with the instructor.

11.  I would love to attend some of the Academy, but I can only come for a few days. Is that possible?
A.  Yes, but you must register as an Auditor.  If you want to be an Active Participant and are unable to attend the entire Academy, you may register for either week one or week two.  *Please take note that the Continuo and Improvisation courses are offered in two-week sessions only.

12.  What does the square symbol (■) on the Registration Form symbolize?
A.  The square found next to certain courses on the registration form indicates a two-week course.  This means that Active Participants must enroll in, attend and pay for both weeks.  This applies to courses taught by Professors Hank Knox and Sietze de Vries.

13.  How many students are permitted to enroll per course?
A.  Only six Active Participants are allowed to register per course, and only eight are permitted to enroll for the two-week session courses.  It is recommended to register early in order to secure the courses you want.  There is no enrollment limit on the number of Auditors per course.

14.  Are practise instruments available to Active Participants?
A. Yes.  Active Participants will be able to sign up for practise times on the course instruments, on other instruments at McGill, and in churches around Montreal.  During the Academy these instruments will be assigned through the MSOA office on a daily basis.

15.  Where can I find information on Accommodation?
A.  Check out our Accommodations page under the MSOA 2013 Menu.  Options include staying at McGill University residences, hotels, and bed and breakfasts.
NB: The residences do not provide meals. However, there are grocery stores, bakeries, cafés and many inexpensive restaurants in close proximity to the university.

16.  Is there any information on past events?
A.  Yes, we’ve added an Archives page that will include previous years concert listings and related articles.  You can also click on the Reviews link.

17.  What forms of payment are accepted by the MSOA?
A.  As stated on the MSOA registration form, the MSOA offers a choice of payments in the form of Visa, Mastercard, Money Order or Bank Draft made payable in Canadian Dollars to McGill University.  Personal cheques are NOT accepted.

18.  Is there an age restriction for active participants?
A.  Most active participants are at least at a university level, but exceptions can be made for advanced players. There is no age limit or level requirement for auditors.


For more details please check the MSOA homepage
and/or write to us at organ@music.mcgill.ca.

We wish you a wonderful MSOA 2013, and look forward to your participation!