Messiaen, Brahms and the birds

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Instructor: Hans-Ola Ericsson
Location: Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul
Time: 15:00-17:00

See Week 2  

NB: Week 1 is full for Active Participants, registration for auditors is still open

Week 1: Messiaen and the birds 

This week will focus on the early works of Olivier Messiaen. We will explore the topics of articulation, registration, tempo questions in regards to different acoustics, theology and ornithology.

No other composer has exploited birdsong in nature as a source of inspiration and as a musical model as intensively as Olivier Messiaen. All of his musical creation has been supported by a firm conviction of the necessity of inspiration for the composer – and the conviction that inspiration is a gift given by divine grace. During this week we will be inspired by his wonderful bird imitations and try to find a way to bring these songs to life. 

”Inspiration is not something voluntary. When all seems to be lost, when one cannot find a way, when one really believes oneself to have no more to say to which master should one then turn? Here eternal nature makes an entry. How is it that many musicians could forget it whilst painters and poets continually learned from it?”



   - La Nativité du Seigneur: II. Les Bergers
   - Messe de la Pentecôte: II. Offertoire, IV. Communion, V. Sortie
   - Livre d'orgue: IV. Chants d'oiseaux, VII. Soixante-quatre durées 
   - Verset pour la fête de la dédicace
   - Méditations sur le Mystère de la Sainte Trinité: Méditation II, IV, V, VII,VIII, IX
   - Le Livre du Saint-Sacrement: III. Le Dieu caché, V. Puer natus est nobis, VI. La manne et le Pain de Vie, VIII. Institution de l'Eucharistie, XI. L'apparition du Christ ressuscité à Marie-Madeliene, XII. La Transsubstantiation, XIII. Les deux murailles d'eau, XV. La joie de la grâce

Participants are also welcome to play any other works of O. Messiaen, as time permits.


Week 2: Brahms, Nielsen and the avant-garde 

During this week we will work on contrasting performance practices - the romantic and the avant-garde!  

 - Complete works of Johannes Brahms

Carl Nielsen
   - 29 Little Preludes, Op. 51

Bengt Hambraeus
   - Nebulosa
   - Shogaku
   - Extempore
   - Après Sheng
   - other selections

György Ligeti
   - Two Etudes for organ

NB: Other repertoire may be submitted by active participants, with permission prior to the beginning of the Academy.