17th – century North German

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Instructor: James David Christie
Location: Église de l’Immaculée-Conception
Time: 8:30-10:30

See Week 2

Week I: Works of Sweelinck, Scheidt, Scheidemann and Praetorius


(recommended editions: Bretikopf (Dirksen/Vogel); Monumenta Musica Neerlandica (Leonhardt) – no Peters or Dover)
 - Any of the Toccatas, Fantasias and the Ricercar

(recommended edition: Bretikopf (Dirksen/Vogel) – no Peters)
 - Alamande: Also gehts, also stehts (SSWV 137)
 - Psalm: Da Jesus ad dem Creutze stund (SSWV 113)
 - Magnificat on the 9th Tone (SSWV 148)

(recommended editions: Bärenreiter (Fock/Breig); Schott (Beckmann)
 - Magnificat on the VIII Tone (setting with versets or the single movement fantasia)
 - Praeludiae and Canzona in G
 - Motet Intabulation: Alleluia, laudem dicite Deo nostro (Hassler) (recommended editions: Heinrichshofen (Johnson); Breitkopf (Beckmann); Schott (Schumacher)

Michael Praetorius
(recommended editions: Breitkopf (Beckmann); Schott (Schumacher) – no Moesler (Matthaei)
 - Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
 - Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam

*Participants are also welcome to play any other works of these composers, as time permits.

Week II: Works of Böhm, Bruhns, Buxtehude and Lübeck 


(recommended edition: Breitkopf (Beckmann) – no Kistner & Siegel)
 - Praeludium in D Minor and C Major and any of the Partitas

(recommended edition: Breitkopf (Vogel) – no Peters)
 - Complete works

(recommended edition: Broude Brothers - no Peters, Music Masters or Dover)
 - Te Deum, BuxWV 218; Nun freut euch, BuxWV 210
 - the two Ciaconnas and Passacaglia

(recommended edition: Breitkopf (Vogel) – no Peters)
 - Praeludiae in E Major and G Minor

*Participants are also welcome to play any other works of these composers, as time permits.